Well I did it again. Last weekend I bruised a rib again. Just like at the last Camp Hilbert race. While doing an nice slow lap with my wife I hit the ground, didn’t even notice until the next day. With cross season in full swing I’m not to pleased with myself.


Busy, Busy

Well for the economy being crap and all I’ve been slammed with work. I’m really looking forward to the cyclocross season coming up. We have Ironcross coming up next weekend. This will be my first race on my new Redline Conquest Team.

I took a bad spill last weekend on our cross ride when I hit an area of soft sand. My front tire went out on me doing about 25 mph. I ended up with a few skinned areas, but other than that I faired well.

Chesapeake Crit

Well I did my first Cat 4 race. Seemed allot faster than the Cat 5 and the accelerations were harder. The race course seemed tight so there wasn’t many places to pass at. It took me most of the race to work myself to the front. On the last corner of the last lap the guy in front me dropped his chain and almost ate it. After that I had to sprint my ass of to get a good finish. I came in 4th place. With it being my first Cat 4 race I guess thats not to Bad.

Road Race Report

Well the race went as expected. I wish I’d stayed with the main group for another lap, but in the end all went well. It didn’t start off that way though. Just getting out of town was difficult enough. Mike’s customers wouldn’t leave and kept on showing up, so that put us back about an hour and a half. We ended up staying in New Market which was about 25 minutes away from the race.

We got to the race Mike used up his bad luck (Loosing a spring for a paw in his freewheel and a flat front tire during warmup) before the race, so it didn’t happen during the race. The first lap was not to bad everyone was taking at easy. A couple of spots the pace picked up a little but not to bad. It wasn’t until the finish climb on the first lap that thing went sour. I had swapped out my 11-23 for a 12-25 and I forgot to check it out. When the climb got hard I was in my small ring (38) and tried to shift into my 25, but when I tried the chain wouldn’t settle on the cog. All I had was a 23 to use which was not enough. After the main group left me in the dust a small group of three including Dan caught me and we rode a lap together. After that I figured with the heat Mike was going to need some support. I said by to my small group and went back to the car.

I got over to the feed zone to help Mike and got him a bottle of Gatoraid. The 40+ finish was not nearly as good as as the 30+. Their finish was the remnants of a break and the leader finished like 30 seconds ahead of second place. The 30+ finish was a group of like 6 including Mike. One guy on the Nissan team took off with over 200m to go and then Mike took off to catch him. I thought the rider who won wasn’t going to hold since he went so early, but he went on to win. Mike finish a strong second place. The race was a good learning experience and I’ll be back next year.

What a Weekend

Well I’m¬†definitely¬†wore out. After 55 miles on Saturday and a 62 mile loop around Williamsburg on Sunday tonight my legs felt dead. Got in 40 miles tonight though even if I was wore out. Sundays ride was rather nice though, half of us stopped after 62 miles, but Kim and a few others I think went for 100. It was getting late since we didn’t start till 8:30 am. We finished 62 at noon and It was already hot and humid. We’ll see how I feel for the Great Bridge ride tomorrow since it should be my last hard ride since I’m doing the road race on Sunday.

Age Grade Road Race

Well I finally decided to sign up for the road race next weekend. I just hope I don’t get dropped too early. This will be my first road race, something I’ve always wanted to do. Well I guess I just have to wait and see how I do.

Camp Hilbert #3

Wow what a race. Started off good when we arrived up there Saturday afternoon but the rain soon followed. The rain continued all night, luckily the course was mostly hardpack sand. The course was really fast. On the last lap my front tire slipped on a root and ended up bouncing off a tree and my chest landed on my fist and knocked the wind out of me. As I stood there gasping for breath two guys in my class rode by, never did catch back up to them. The worst part was that I had just past the both of them. Hosang ended up winning the expert with Jerry in 5th and I thing Chris was 6 or 7th maybe. Bill got on the podium in 3rd in his class. Kevin’s IT band was acting up so he did 3 of 4 laps. I ended up in 7th. Shelbey came in 3rd in the kids race narrowly beating Judy (Kevin’s daughter.) Pictures at <http://www.flickr.com/photos/coholm04/&gt;